No more exploitation, there are many stories of artist being exploited by clients due to lack of knowledge in legal aspects. A lot of great initiatives are already happening to make sure artist get paid fair prices.

Here is a tip, consider art as a craft. It is their labour to bring bread to the table, if they get fucked they can’t bring bread to the table, they die.

Artist are a dying breed, treat them with respect.

It is always hard to set a price for an artwork, the price is usually based on the sales history of the artist. Beginning artist don’t have an incredible sales history, which makes it hard to indicate what price is to justify the right price.

It can be hard as a starting artist to ask prices, that’s we have a pannel of art collectors, art lovers and experienced artist who help determined right prices.

And remember just because art is priced something at $20,000 instead of $200 does not make it “better”.