Closed Views

30.05.2024 - 16.06.2024

Semester 9 invites Kyle Kobel, for a solo exhibition at projectspace 38/40.



“Closed Views” explores the nuanced realm between moments, where potentialities converge and narratives hang suspended. Across film and painting, each medium captures these in-between scenes, nestled perfectly between two points, free from preceding or succeeding events. These works pay homage to memory, acknowledging its profound influence on our perceptions and interpretations. Within each fragment lies a resonance that extends beyond the immediate scene, weaving into a broader understanding. However, memory is not a static recorder of events; it is a dynamic and subjective construct that often distorts, reshapes and hides our recollections. Thus, while these artworks evoke a sense of reflection, they also acknowledge the inherent distortions and alterations that memory imposes, urging contemplation on the interplay of potentiality, trauma and observation all of which are permeated by a voyeuristic tone.

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