De schoonheid van het alledaagse

14.04.2024 - 30.09.2024

Semester 9 invites Menno Pasveer, for a solo exhibition at Museum Of Young Art.



“The Beauty of the Everyday,” a solo exhibition featuring the work of a contemporary artist who transforms everyday objects into large-scale paintings of stunning beauty. This exhibition explores the aesthetic potential of mundane items from the artist’s childhood, studio, and hardware stores—such as wood glue, degreaser, or a bottle of toilet cleaner.


Each artwork in this exhibition measures 165 x 135 cm and is meticulously crafted to highlight objects that are not traditionally designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet hold a unique beauty as seen through the artist’s eyes. The artist is often drawn to the physical form of a bottle or the bold claims of packaging that states, “I am the best on the market! My features exceed all your expectations! Buy me!”


“The Beauty of the Everyday” goes beyond the simple aesthetics of these objects; it is an exploration of painting techniques ranging from photorealistic styles reminiscent of the old masters to vibrant and loosely rendered compositions. The paintings are not merely individual representations but engage in an intricate dialogue with each other—a flask of wood glue next to a box of dishwasher tablets, a staple gun beside a package of paracetamol.


Prior to each painting, the artist prepares a full-scale sketch using India ink on watercolor paper, maintaining the same dimensions as the final works. This preparatory stage is crucial in capturing the essence of each object before it is transformed on canvas.


Throughout their career, the artist has consistently explored the beauty of the everyday, from the physical labor depicted in their graduate series “An Ode to Floor Cleaning” (2022), to the dynamic and dangerous environments of “An Ode to Tree Felling” (2023). This ongoing investigation into the formal qualities of painting—such as stroke variation, energy, size, and technique—is further enriched by the study of diverse artistic methods. Currently, the artist is delving into the grisaille technique of old masters like Rembrandt and Rubens, contrasting it with the loose, expressive styles of contemporary painters such as Issy Wood and Luc Tuymans.


“The Beauty of the Everyday” invites viewers to rediscover the extraordinary in the ordinary, challenging our perceptions of beauty and the objects that surround us daily.

Exhibited artworks
Menno Pasveer
WC Eend, 2024
Menno Pasveer
Turtle Wax, 2024
Menno Pasveer
Dubro Ontvetter, 2024

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