Artparty, semester9, Amsterdam

25.11.2022 - 26.11.2022

A vibrant party that combines the finest selection of artists from semester9 with musical talents.

The idea to host an Artparty in a club is a challenging idea for an art agency. Precisely because it is a response against the inaccessibility of art in the current cultural landscape. In the same breath, it is a response against the formulaic standards of organizing a club night. 


If you look at how art and clubbing institutions are financially organized, you can pay up to €20,- for a ticket in a museum. If you decide to buy a ticket, you wander around for 2 hours and leave. It is furthermore not that attractive to go to an art fair where art is there for the purpose of being sold instead of being contemplated and scrutinized. Let alone a gallery opening that is mostly swarmed with people of older generations. Art should be alive and accessible. 


The idea of this artparty is to attract and welcome a new generation of art enthusiast. We want to revive the overlooked possibilities within the industry and inspire by integrating these possibilities in our routine. There is a new road ahead of us all.

Installation views