Art and culture open up new possibilities.

At Semester 9, we are ardent supporters of culture in all its forms: from the visual arts to culinary creations, at a local level and on a global scale.

We strongly believe that artists play an extraordinary role in society. Fully committed to the era in which we live, we are convinced that their insights stimulate the imagination and create a true intensity of experience. With their creative freedom, artists simultaneously shake up indifference and long-held certainties.

As a source of shared knowledge and shared emotions, culture connects. It opens doors and expands the mind. It forms a part of a community and the wider world, giving meaning to everyday life. Together, art and culture concentrate and enhance our humanity. Together, art and culture provide an opportunity for those who want to put people at the heart of their professions and their cities.

Itu2019s a fact and pity that 82 percent of the alumni of art schools one and a half year after graduating still earn below minimum wages. This holds back their creative freedom in the need to survive financially. Semester 9 was founded with the mission of closing the gap between graduate artist and being an independent artist.

By creating stage and representation in sales, we help beginning artist on their way to become an independent artist. The development of the artist is central to us. Semester 9 is creating conditions for artist to do their best work.

Curating the creative icons of tomorrow.