semester9 is here to accompany you through each stage of the process. From hanging paintings on the wall to curating the right artist for a mural in your office and everything in between.

Our services

Selling art.

We have a wide portfolio of artists whom are fully dedicated to their profession, and we are dedicated to bring our customers a made to measure art experience that moves them.

Most of our artists are at the start of their career, so buying art with us is more than just ‘buying art’. You invest heavily in the development of the artist, with the opportunity to exclusively access the insights of a growing artist. You can literally grow with the artist’s career. How cool is that?

Art in business.

When done right, art experiences have the capability of transporting you into another world, creating a moment of reflection as one takes in the message told by the artist.

Whether for a personal space, corporate office, commercial building, or industrial property, we channel your vision and articulate it through the work of our hand-picked “visionaries”, who can bring your space to life. These visual experiences can communicate everything from general information to philosophy and spirit.

Live events & experiences.

Like walking through a door into a new world, art experiences completely transform digital or physical environments. Participants are part of a new and exciting environment, opening themselves up to fresh perspectives that leave lasting impressions.

With the above in mind, we facilitate: exhibitions, pop-up galleries, staging and more.


  • Art consultancy
  • Curation
  • Artist representation
  • Programming
  • Exclusive and custom solutions
  • Exhibitions
  • Art experiences
  • Live events

Services for artist:

  • Creating visibility
  • Connecting to audiences
  • Representation
  • Sales
  • Active developing program
  • Mentorship

1. Outline objectives

We discuss the project objectives and needs of the costumer.

2. Curation & development

In close communication with our partners and our netwerk of visual artists, we develop innovative and powerful art concepts.


We finalise all legal agreements, accounting paperwork, and facilitate all administrative tasks amongst the parties to ensure a proper foundation for the partnership, resulting in a clear understanding for the vision and path ahead.

4. Production

We break down every step in the process, identify a clear, agreed upon production schedule, and facilitate on-time execution with respect to the critical path and delivery deadlines.

5. Launch

When fitted, we launch the project – from launch events and press releases, to digital amplification on paid-for media and social media platforms. Creative execution and final artwork delivered.